"Melissa’s support gave us the confidence to approach our daughter’s birth not with anxiety but with only joy and anticipation. We were thrilled to have her help in the delivery room to keep us and our doctors and nurses focused on the birth we hoped to have. Her guidance gave my husband confidence in knowing that he was helping as much as he could. Melissa is highly knowledgeable, compassionate and has a very calming personality. As first time parents we are so grateful to have had her support and would absolutely recommend having Melissa be a part of your birth experience!"


"My husband and I are extremely happy that Melissa was our doula and helped us bring our 2013-07-15 11.54.08baby boy into the world. Melissa met with us several times before the birth to discuss and build our birth plan, practice comfort measures & massage techniques, and overall discuss our ideal birth scenarios. She was very knowledgeable about different medical interventions and helped us think though the possibilities and consequences of our birth plan decisions.

Although I went into labor almost a month early, Melissa was immediately at the hospital, helping me manage labor pains and respectfully communicating with the hospital staff when requested. Her calm demeanor and general thoughtfulness were key to my having a positive experience giving birth and I am truly thankful that she was present as a support to both me and my husband. I highly recommend Melissa and would absolutely work with her again."

-Abby, David and Baby N.

"I connected with Melissa 3 months before my due date, and she was incredibly warm and communicative throughout my third trimester. She spent a lot of time getting to know my partner and I, learning about my pregnancy, and helping me to develop my birth plan. During my labor, Melissa provided helpful comfort measures, assisted my partner and midwife, and took amazing photos of our home birth!

My baby was born at 2 AM, and Melissa stayed until after 6 to help me eat the nutritious snacks she had prepared, discuss breastfeeding and newborn care, and make sure we were all comfortable. She visited us during the early postpartum period, and remained available by phone and e-mail to answer questions. We were so grateful for Melissa's support!"

-Rachel Anne

"My husband was so hesitant about using a doula for the birth of our first son but now he is a total advocate of doulas and we both speak very highly of Melissa. She is no longer just our doula but an important addition to our family. She was like my guardian angel during my labor and kept me calm and focused, which is the most important part of completing a natural birth. She properly prepared my husband for what was to come which made them both an amazing team to have during such an intense process. Her calm nature is a necessary presence in what can be consider a chaotic time. Her coaching and knowledge was suburb and without her I am positive I would not have succeeded at delivering my son naturally. She keeps you moving and trying alternate positions and is ready for whatever is thrown at her. When I have my next child I won’t hesitate to have Melissa be a part of the process, even if I have to fly her in. What Melissa has is a gift and I would recommend her %100, she will help make your delivery a smooth and unforgettable experience."